It’s really easy for our minds to jump straight to the negative. I think for many riders, it’s a kind of default setting! When we’re thinking negatively, it can make us feel really stuck and demotivated. If we can develop self-awareness around what we are thinking & saying to ourselves, it is possible to get to where you want to be in your riding.

A basic principle of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – you can find out more about this HERE), is the empowerment theme of Cause and Effect. In other words, do you take responsibility for your thoughts and actions or are you in the habit of finding reasons or excuses to provide justification as to why you ‘can’t’ do something?

Have a look at the table below and see if you identify more with one aspect or the other:

It’s interesting to remember that we cannot always control what happens around us, however we CAN control our reaction to it. You always have a choice.

How has this resonated with you? How could you apply it to your riding?
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