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I wonder what difference it would make if you could get past those mindset blocks that keep you stuck in your riding…

It would feel amazing, right?

So many riders struggle with confidence and belief in themselves, unable to get past the mindset blocks which prevent them from really achieving success in their riding, whatever that means to them.

I know, I’ve been there too. That feeling of ‘not being good enough’ or being stuck believing that you just ‘can’t’ do something, like hacking out on your horse or moving up the levels when competing.

The good news is that whatever challenges you are facing, whatever level you are riding at, it is absolutely possible to get rid of those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and playing small.

I wonder if any of these sound familiar:

  • I’d love to do more with my horse, but I lack confidence
  • I can do it at home, but I’m too scared to go to competitions
  • I hate people watching me ride
  • I will jump up to X height, but I can’t jump any higher
  • My horse always spooks in one corner of my arena, and it’s starting to scare me so I avoid it
  • I get so nervous at competitions that I can’t reproduce the great work we’re doing at home
  • I had a fall and now I’m really nervous about riding
  • Why can’t I ride like I used to? I’ve had a break from riding and nothing feels like it did before
  • I should be able to do X

If you have found yourself thinking or saying any of these (alongside a multitude of other mindset gremlins!), then I can help you get back on track.

“Alison is a highly qualified, certified Practitioner of Mindset techniques and has an excellent knowledge of how to help you”

Tracey C.

Leisure riders

Mindset and confidence is just as important to leisure riders as competition riders! Learn how to make the most of the time you have with your horse, whatever your level of experience or knowledge.
  • Learn how to hack out and enjoy it!
  • Get back to riding confidently after a fall
  • Manage anxiety or nerves around jumping
  • Have the confidence to try new experiences
  • Deal with those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Learn how to manage your mindset to really enjoy your riding

Competition riders

Through tailored 1-1 sessions, we will work together to develop a positive mindset:
  • Managing pre-competition nerves & anxiety
  • Self-awareness to promote peak performance
  • Strategies to improve self-talk and the use of positive language
  • Overcoming a fear of riding when other people are watching
  • How to take positive learning from every competition
  • Identifying what ‘success’ means to you
  • Goal setting in a way to make sure that you achieve your equestrian ambitions

“I had my first NLP session with Alison on Monday, issues I have are based on my horses reaction to things she hears; her ears go forward and that immediately puts me on my guard wondering what she heard and then what is she going to do.

I tense up, breathing shallows and common sense leaves me. The ears then become my focus.

Alison helped me to widen the picture and focus on a good, happy experience and make the ears disappear, we also worked on a pressure point with a confident scenario.

Yesterday the horse of one of the ladies I was riding with spooked in front of us and she had a tumble. After jumping off and helping her I got back on and walked around the ménage for at least 10 minutes chatting with one of the other ladies walking on the ground.

I was not at all anxious about getting back on and having someone to chat to proved to my horse that what happened was an accident and that we were fine.

We were both very calm and I dismounted very pleased to have gotten back on. Not once did my brain say “are you sure you want to get back on, might happen to you “. I went straight to the mounting block and jumped on – I will be back on again with good thoughts once it stops raining!”

Deb M.

Equestrian Mindset & Performance Coaching

My name is Alison Buttery, and I am a certified NLP Practitioner and Coach, and I work with clients to unlock the potential of their unconscious mind, which directs 97% of their behaviour! Just imagine how it would feel if you could get your mind to work FOR you, rather than against you! I am also certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy(R) and Hypnotherapy.

During our sessions together, we will take a deep dive into your current situation, and explore where you would like to be in your riding. We will then use a variety of powerful NLP techniques to reset your mindset and allow you to get past your mental blocks.

As a freelance BHS Accredited Professional Coach, I totally understand the challenges faced by riders, and we will work together to help you find solutions. I have over 15 years experience of coaching riders and horses, and hold BHS Int.Teach and BHS Int.SM qualifications. I have competed in BS, BE and BD competitions, and can draw from extensive experience with a wide variety of horses and riders.

“I have had NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnoses with Alison. I needed help changing my mindset. It has totally changed the way I think and feel. I left feeling confident and energised and I still do. Her comfortable, professional manner put me at ease, just when I needed it most. Thank you so much!”

Laura H.,

“I had my first NLP session with Alison last week – my story is I have very recently purchased a 17hh ISH, I test rode him and hacked him out, he has the right credentials to get me through 2020 BE season, however, got him home and I was absolutely terrified of getting on board. Why? Who knows?

I’m sure many other people experience exactly the same, but the fear was magnified every day that passed and I hadn’t got on him. Every day I would say “tomorrow” but it didn’t come, blaming the weather or something else.

I talked this through with Alison, it seemed really silly speaking out loud this irrational fear, but during our NLP session Alison walked me through to a point where my fear would be at its highest and we worked on it from there.

Using NLP techniques by the end of the session I felt really quite different about getting on board, don’t get me wrong it still took working at but the hurdle really wasn’t that big any more.

Needless to say I’m on board and taking things slowly and steadily. Had I not had that support from Alison I can safely say that I still wouldn’t be riding now.”

Nicola B.

“I had a very enlightening therapy session with Alison. We discussed my concerns in not only riding but other issues in my life.

I found Alison very easy to talk to and felt I could tell her anything without fear of being judged I felt very at ease. We worked on several exercises that were thought provoking and interesting.

I took a lot away from this session and have felt much more confident . I would highly recommend Alison and look forward to another session with her….

P.S. I have ridden cookie a couple of times, still feeling fine and much calmer both with the horses and work situations.. thank you!”

Denise B.,