Calling all horse owners & riders!

Who would like to supercharge your horse’s training and develop your riding? 

The Everyday Equestrian Academy is an online membership community which provides monthly training videos & webinars specifically for grassroots, amateur horse riders. 

Each month, members have access to:

  • Monthly ridden or in-hand training exercises, broken down step-by-step into manageable chunks
  • Downloadable handouts supporting each training package
  • Live webinars where you can learn how to ride and develop the exercises in relation to your horse
  • Training and webinars from guest experts, including equine physiotherapists, coaches, rider fitness professionals

New members also get full access to the back catalogue of existing resources in the membership, so you can pick and choose training that works for you and your horse.

If this sounds like something that is for you, simply click the link below for details on how to join The Everyday Equestrian Academy: