It’s easy to forget, but in any given moment, you can choose to think, feel and act differently. Those stories that you’ve told yourself for years? They’re not real.  

Lacking self-belief because someone in a position of authority 10 years ago once told you that you weren’t good enough to do something? And you believed them? 

Feeling scared because your horse once bucked while you were riding in this field? Just the once. When he hadn’t been turned out over winter for 6 weeks. 

Telling yourself that you can’t jump that course because it’s 10cm higher that you’ve ever jumped? Even though you’ve been working on your jumping position and technique, so you’re far more balanced and secure that you’ve ever been. And your horse is perfectly capable of jumping 20cm higher. 

Feeling anxious because you have to ride in the arena, and other liveries are stood nearby watching, talking about you? But they’re really impressed with how much progress you’ve made in your riding, and are happily chatting about all the hard work you’ve put in. 

Whatever the story is, you can choose to find an alternative version. How could you look at the situation differently? What effect does that have on your confidence? 

The stories we tell ourselves can become so ingrained that we become blinkered to any possible alternative. We take them as truth, when in fact they’re simply our interpretation of a series of events. Your best friend would probably tell you a different version of events. Your coach would probably tell you the test didn’t look anywhere near as bad as it felt. Your family would probably tell you how proud they are of you, for giving it a go. Your yard buddies would probably give you gin and remind you that you’re doing this for fun.  

There are always other perspectives, and you can decide to at least consider some alternatives. Try it, you might be surprised at the effect on your confidence. 

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