FREE 5-day challenge to let go of worry & anxiety when riding your horse

Hi, I’m Alison Buttery, I’m a BHS Coach and multi-certified Rider Confidence & Mindset Coach. 

I help horse riders, just like you, to overcome their anxiety, nerves and fear around riding their horses, and I’d like to introduce you to my FREE 5-day rider confidence challenge, where you’ll learn how to let go of your worries, negative thought patterns and anxieties about riding.

  • Do those negative ‘what if’ thoughts keep leading you to the worst case scenarios, where you fall off and hurt yourself?

  • Does relentless overthinking and rumination stop you from doing what you love with your horse?

  • And does your fear of uncertainty and of losing control mean that you stay stuck in your ever-decreasing comfort zone, progressively limiting when and where you ride?

You spend a fortune making sure your horse has everything he needs, from correctly fitted tack, to the very best management, so you know you’re doing the very best you can for him… and yet you can’t seem to get over the worries, nerves and anxiety that you experience when you ride.

That’s why I want you to take part in my FREE 5-day rider confidence challenge, so that you can start your journey to becoming a more confident, calm and positive rider. When you begin to break down those barriers, you can finally start to look forward to riding again.

So what do you get during the challenge? Over 5 days…

  • We’ll explore how worry and anxiety get in the way of doing what we love

  • We’ll discuss simple, effective techniques to help you stop the cycles of worry and anxiety

  • You’ll get access to a brand new training video each day, to help you understand how you mind works and how we can start to retrain it

  • You’ll follow a clear, step-by-step process to help reduce worry and anxiety around riding

  • There will be daily tasks to complete, to help you change how you feel

  • You’ll get accountability & support in my lovely Facebook group

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Rider Confidence
Rider Confidence
Crack the Confidence Code

Here is just some of the feedback from people who have taken part in my previous, free rider confidence challenges…

Rider Confidence
Rider Confidence

You may be wondering why I’m running this free challenge. The reason is because I know that when you start to unpick old habits, and start to see the impact of working on yourself and your mindset, that you’re going to feel amazing so that you’ll be able to re-find your passion for riding again.

This week, I’ll also be giving you the opportunity to join my exclusive membership community, Crack the Confidence Code, and I’ll be offering a super cool, bonus training for anyone who enrols before 9pm on Wednesday 26th May 2021. After that, you’ll still be able to join, but you won’t get the extra, free training package.

I know that if you go all in on this 5-day challenge that you will make real and lasting changes in both your confidence and mindset around riding, regardless of whether you choose to join my membership or not. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

There are so many techniques, tools and strategies to become a more confident rider, and when you join the membership you’ll learn my exclusive MC4R step-by-step framework for building strong and lasting confidence, and of course you’ll get full access to my amazing, supportive community.

So act NOW and join my FREE 5-day challenge to let go of worry and anxiety around riding your horse.

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