Have you got your New Year’s resolutions then? I honestly haven’t really made any this year, since I don’t really ever seem to stick to them anyway! Yes I’d love to be fitter, healthier, more ‘sorted’, but then what does that actually mean? So this year, I’ve actually made a plan. Like a grown up. It’s on an Excel spreadsheet and everything (ever the geek!). But seriously, the plan is less about making resolutions that I won’t keep, it’s more about setting myself goals and achieving them.

In terms of horses, I find that people tend to think that goal setting is only really relevant for people who compete. I can categorically say this is just not true; goal setting is hugely beneficial for any one who owns or rides horses. For example, if you could fast forward to Christmas 2019, what achievements would you be most proud of from these twelve months?

Goal setting, first and foremost, is about prioritising what is important to you, then making a realistic plan of how you are going to achieve those goals.

My challenge to you is this – what are the THREE main things you want to achieve with your horse this year? It doesn’t matter whether they are competing at a certain level, being able to hack out confidently on your own, or to improve your horse’s posture. Think about what you ENJOY doing with your horse, what you AND your horse need to improve, and how you could measure your progress.

I’d love to hear your ideas, so keep an eye out on the Facebook page for some tips & tricks…

Happy New Year & here’s to a fantastic 2019!