19 ways to overcome anxiety and 'what ifs' when riding your horse

(so you can feel confident and in control again)

Are you fed up of trying to ride your horse with jelly legs, while tipping forwards in the saddle, creeping your hands up the reins, feeling sick and kinda just waiting for your horse to explode…?

On top of all that, there’s a never ending spiral of hideous worst-case scenarios playing out in your mind?

I’m here to put an end to that and help horse riders, just like you, overcome their nerves, anxiety and relentless negative thought patterns, so that they can become more confident, calm and proactive riders. Y’know, the type of riders who actually get excited about riding and having lots of fun with their horses…

I’ve created a FREE downloadable guide, packed with some of my most effective techniques, to help YOU become more positive and excited about riding again.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The simplest exercise to unpick your fear, nerves and anxiety

  • The key things that your mind doesn’t know, and how it plays tricks on you

  • The essential questions you need to ask to change your experience

  • And 16 other techniques and tips to help you overcome your unhelpful thinking patterns and negative emotions, so you can feel more calm, confident and positive

Stop beating yourself up, and struggling with constant nerves, anxiety and ‘what ifs’ about riding your horse, and start your journey to confidence today.

“Thank you so much for your guide! It’s helped me massively! My horse spooks much less because I’m more relaxed and riding him much less defensively. I’m improving every time I get on him. Thanks again!” 


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