What do YOU want to do?  

Not what everyone else thinks you should do. Not what your yard buddies think. Not what your coach tells you. Not what your friends and family think you ought to do. Not what you think you SHOULD do. 

What do YOU want to do with YOUR horse? 

Because ultimately this is all that is important. Until you start acknowledging what is YOUR dream or ambition with your horse, you’ll be led by what other people think you SHOULD be doing. And it won’t always feel that good.  

Yes, you should absolutely take advice and guidance from people you trust and who are appropriately qualified and experienced, who have your best interests at heart, but ultimately it is YOUR decision what you do. 

Once you decide what YOU want, your mind will begin to find ways for it to happen. Where focus goes, energy flows (and this is about as woowoo as I ever get!). But it’s true. Focus on not being able to do things, then guess what? You won’t do them. Focus on finding ways to confidently ride around the field on your own? You’ll do it.  

Be brave enough to ask yourself what it really is that you want, then you’ll have made the very first step to making it happen. 

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