How often do you say “I should ride” or “I should have done X, Y, Z”?  

In my opinion, ‘should’ is one of the most tricky words we can use. By saying ‘should’ we instantly make ourselves feel inadequate, less that good enough and guilty. By using ‘should’ we basically telling our minds that we know what to do, but for some reason we’re not doing it, and therefore we’re not doing well enough. And that’s never a nice place to be is it? 

The questions I want you to ask yourself is WHY should I? WHO says that I should? WHERE is the rulebook that says I should do X, Y, Z? (If you’re competing BE, BD, BS then there will of course be a rulebook, but figure out why you didn’t do X, Y, Z, learn from it and move on!) 

Try substituting ‘should’ with ‘could’. How does that make you feel differently? 

By using ‘could’, you mind registers that you have a choice to do X, Y, Z. 

I want you to remember that you always have a choice. A choice to ride or not. A choice to take action, even if it’s difficult, or not. A choice in how you respond. A choice in what you think and feel. A choice to try something new. A choice to change your life for the better.  

So notice the language your inner voice uses. How much does it use ‘should’? Try ‘could’ instead and let me know how it changes your approach.  

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