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How would it feel to…?

  • Really improve your confidence when riding, by having a clear focus?
  • Have a clear structure to follow when schooling your horse?
  • Be inspired to try different schooling exercises with your horse?
  • Have access to correct and progressive training, without spending a fortune?
  • Have access to high quality coaching, without leaving the comfort of your yard?
  • Understand the correct principles of training horses, which apply regardless of your level of experience?
  • Have a more secure and balanced position in the saddle?
  • Make the most of your time riding, and feel like you are making progress towards your goals?
  • Be part of a community of like-minded, supportive and encouraging horse owners?
  • Learn more about how to care for and manage your horse?

Do any of these sound familiar…?

  • You struggle to find the time to ride?
  • You lack focus in your schooling?
  • You worry that you’re doing it wrong?
  • You struggle to think of and ride appropriate exercises to improve your horse?
  • You’d like regular lessons but can’t afford them?
  • You lack motivation to ride and need support?
  • You lack confidence
  • You don’t have transport to get you to clinics or events away from the yard
  • You’ve got loads of books with ridden exercises in, but you never quite know where to start!
I hear you! There are so many reasons why you might be struggling to enjoy and get the most of your time with your horse, however I believe I can help you make the necessary changes that you need to achieve your equestrian goals…

The Academy is an online membership community which provides monthly training specifically for grassroots, amateur horse riders.

Each month, you’ll have access to a range of resources:

  • Monthly ridden or in-hand training exercises, broken down step-by-step into manageable chunks
  • Downloadable handouts supporting each training package
  • Live webinars where you can learn how to ride and develop the exercises in relation to your horse
  • Training and webinars from guest experts, including equine physiotherapists, coaches, rider fitness professionals
  • Horse management training
  • Live Q&A session so you can ask for help and advice on anything to do with horses or riding
  • You’ll have access to our Facebook group, where we share additional tips and tricks, alongside celebrating our successes and progress
  • You can also upload videos of you riding the exercises for personalised feedback and guidance

New members also get full access to the back catalogue of existing resources in the membership, so you can pick and choose training that works for you and your horse.

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“The Academy has taught me how to structure my training, and the techniques I need in order to achieve my goal.

My self-confidence has gone from strength to strength, being able to now plan my own schooling sessions and have a clear objective and outcomes.

Using the fantastic coaching videos, you can see the exercises being ridden by real people and real horses.

My schooling has improved significantly; long gone are the days of aimlessly riding around the arena with no plan!

The Academy has helped me to identify goals, and break these down week by week into practice sessions; what was once a dream, with the fantastic support and help from the Academy, will now be a reality, for which I thank you!”

Nicola B

” I found that the Academy exercises have given me a focus and plan for my schooling. 

It has even made me attempt some things that I didn’t honestly think we were ready for, so it really does help you push your boundaries!

Onwards and upwards!”

Charlan S,
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So what does it cost?

You can join the Academy for just £19.99 per month. That’s it.

For less than the price of a coffee each week, you’ll get practical and achievable training, plus the support of the most lovely community.

To get the very best value, become an annual member for just £199!

Remember, whichever type of membership you choose, your subscription price will stay the same for as long as you are a member of the Academy, and you’ll be exempt from all future price rises.

But maybe you’re not sure.

Maybe you’re wondering whether Academy membership is for you.

Well that’s no problem – just email me at or call me on 07973788480 if you’d like to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take part in this Masterclass?2020-12-19T10:27:15+00:00

You can join in the fun on a smartphone, tablet or computer, and it’s accessible from anywhere in the world!

I’ve never used Zoom before, and I don’t know how to use it?2020-12-19T10:26:36+00:00

I’ll be emailing you 24 hours beforehand with the link to access the Masterclass on the day, plus step-by-step instructions.

How can I make the most of this Masterclass?2020-12-19T10:26:03+00:00

Have a pen and paper handy so that you can take notes during the session, and jot down any questions you have as we go along. The key is not just to learn and understand, but to take action and implement; you’ll only get results if you do the work!

What level of rider is this training for?2020-12-19T10:25:25+00:00

This Masterclass is for any rider, at any level! You will be able to tailor the information and techniques to your own situation, so everyone is very welcome.

How does remote video coaching work?2020-10-23T08:18:15+01:00

All you have to do is record a short video of you riding, perhaps showing a specific problem or something you’d like to do better. Upload the video to the coaching app, and your coach will watch the video and provide detailed feedback and advice on how to resolve the problem with appropriate exercises (like homework!). 

I can’t make that date and time, will I miss out?2020-12-19T10:28:16+00:00

The Masterclass will be recorded and you will be sent a link via email within 48 hours afterwards, so that you can watch it. You’ll be able to access it whenever you like! However, you’ll get the most value from this training by joining in live, so that you can ask questions and join the community.

How long does it take to get feedback on my video?2020-10-23T08:17:28+01:00

We set aside specific times each week to focus and concentrate on analysing rider videos. Currently, videos are assessed on Tuesday and Friday each week.

Do I have to be on video too?2020-12-19T10:24:14+00:00

No not at all! While it’s always lovely to see friendly faces online, if you’re not comfortable with being on video, you can simply click a button in Zoom to ‘stop video’ so you’ll be hidden.

What problems can rider video coaching help resolve?2020-10-23T08:20:13+01:00

Video coaching can be used for any type of training; flatwork, polework, or jumping.

It can help riders to improve their position, application of the aids, preparation for dressage tests, riding specific school movements, develop transitions and the scales of training (rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness, collection).

For jumping, video coaching can help develop the rider’s jumping position, approach & take off, landing & get away after a jump, riding through combinations, related distances and lines, riding around a show jumping course or linking fences together, improving the quality of the horse’s canter and the horse’s jumping technique.

I know someone who would love to take part, can I buy it for them as a gift?2020-12-19T10:23:39+00:00

Yes absolutely! Just get in touch with me via email – – and we’ll get it organised.

What does rider video coaching cost?2020-10-31T21:54:36+00:00

One-off sessions are £15, offering coaching on a single video, up to 5 minutes in length. You’ll get detailed feedback on your video, with voice-over, graphics and a clear summary of action points and homework so that you can improve both your riding and your horse’s way of going. Don’t forget that video coaching works for both flatwork and jumping!

If you’d like to benefit from ongoing training, you can book standalone packages on a month-by-month basis, according to your needs. There is no minimum contract, so you can mix and match the packages across each month, according to your specific requirements.

Details of the video coaching packages are available, as shown in the table below:

Package What you get
Gold £120/month 2 x 30 minute, fortnightly 1-1 rider coaching calls, via Zoom 

1 x 5 minute video per week, for 4 weeks 

2 x dressage test OR SJ round analysis & feedback 

15% discount for online training courses

Unlimited support via messages on either App

Silver £90/month 1 x 30 minute 1-1 rider coaching call, via Zoom 

1 x 5 minute video per week, for 4 weeks 

1 x dressage test OR SJ round analysis & feedback 

10% discount for online training courses

Bronze £40/month 1 x 5 minute video per week, for 4 weeks
What is the cancellation policy?2020-12-19T10:22:37+00:00

Since places are limited and there will be a recording available, no refunds will be given once you have booked onto this Masterclass.

How long do my videos need to be?2020-10-23T08:16:24+01:00

It’s way more effective to focus on short, specific parts of your riding to really make progress. It could be that you’d like to improve your canter transitions, leg yield or jumping through a tricky line. To get the most out of video coaching, you need to be really strategic about the videos you upload, in order to get the specific results you want. General training videos can be anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length. 

You can also get coaching on videos from competitive dressage tests, show jumping or cross-country rounds.

What are the 1-1 rider coaching calls?2020-10-23T08:15:35+01:00

These live, dismounted 1-1 sessions via Zoom offer you the chance to explore your riding goals, and learn some key strategies to help you achieve them. You will be able to book these directly with your coach once you have booked onto either the Silver or Gold packages.

Do I have to be a current client of the Coach to use rider video coaching?2020-10-31T21:59:58+00:00

Not at all; rider video coaching is open to both current and new clients! 

All you need to do is book online using the links below, and provide details of yourself and your horse, via the online questionnaire which you’ll get as part of the booking process. 

Remember, video coaching can be used for both flatwork and jumping, and for riders at any level.

Will I really stop feeling scared by watching this Masterclass?2020-12-21T13:17:38+00:00

Here’s the thing… watching this Masterclass alone with not mean that you’ll become a more confident rider! You have to commit to taking action, and practising the techniques repeatedly. I cannot wave a magic wand and suddenly make you overcome your fears (I wish!), but I can give you the mindset tools, techniques and strategies to help you make the changes you need to make to become more confident.

The riders who become confident are those that take 100% responsibility and take action, not allowing themselves to make excuses.

So I what I do know is that I can help you learn what you need to do to manage your fears around riding, but what I can’t do is guarantee that you will do the work!

It’s down to you 🙂

What if I don’t have time to ride?2020-10-23T06:23:33+01:00

All of the training packages have exercises that can be ridden constructively even if you only have 20 minutes to ride! Some of the exercises can be done in-hand too.

What if I already have regular lessons?2019-12-04T21:11:54+00:00

Great! The Academy will offer extra support and exercises for you to work on in between your lessons.

What if I’m not ‘good enough’ to do the exercises?2020-10-23T06:22:51+01:00

There’s no such thing as not being good enough! You do NOT have to be an established rider to join. New and/or less than confidence riders are very welcome to join.
The monthly training packages are just as applicable for novices as experienced riders; the same basic principles apply to everyone, and the training exercises can be tailored according to your level of skills and confidence.

What if I’m new to riding and owning horses?2020-10-23T06:22:10+01:00

Great! Welcome to the madness! This is a perfect opportunity to really develop your knowledge and experience.

So does the Academy mean I don’t need lessons anymore?2020-10-23T06:21:28+01:00

No, absolutely not.
The Academy is NOT designed to replace lessons with a qualified, experienced coach.
However, many people can’t afford regular lessons, or perhaps they can’t find a coach they can work with in their area.
The Academy aims to support those riders who can’t access regular, constructive training for any reason (but as above, it can also provide motivation and support for riders who do have regular lesson).

What if I don’t find the Academy meets my needs?2020-10-23T06:20:49+01:00
Then I’d be gutted! But if you do feel like this, then you can cancel your monthly membership** at any time. **All payments are non-refundable
What if I don’t have access to an arena?2020-10-23T06:20:15+01:00

That’s fine, perhaps you could use a corner of a field, or even incorporate some of the exercises while out hacking (if it’s safe to do so, obviously!)

What if I’m already out competing – are the exercises too simple?2020-10-23T06:19:42+01:00

Ooh I love this question! Each month, the exercises get progressively more difficult, and even then we can stretch and challenge you as a rider in many different ways… trust me, I can help you ride more effectively!

What if I’m injured at the moment and can’t take part straight away?2020-10-23T06:19:03+01:00

What a shame if you’re out of action, but don’t worry you can still join and share in the community. You can access all the resources and plan you return to riding, when you’re fit and healthy again.

There are loads of books and resources out there already – why do I need the be a member of the Academy?2020-10-23T06:18:26+01:00

Yes, you’re totally right! There are a huge number of resources out there to help you improve your riding and your horse’s way of going.
However, as a member of the Academy, you have access to a community of like-minded people (and me!) to help support and guide your progress. You can ask questions via FB Lives or Webinars; you’re not on your own, hoping for the best!
Not only that, each exercise is explained in detail, identifying how you can tailor it to the needs of you and your horse. You’ll have the opportunity to really design your schooling sessions according to your equestrian goals. No more flicking through books or watching short videos on FB trying to decide what to do.
Get focussed and get supported, right here in the Academy!

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