Other people’s opinions


How to stop other people’s opinions and advice from undermining your riding confidence I’ve had a number of conversations this week with clients who have been on the receiving end of unsolicited advice, judgement and negativity from someone on their yard. The riders hadn’t asked for help, but the other person had felt compelled in the moment to share their own thoughts and comments about the horse’s way of going, the training methods or the rider’s skills. The impact of hearing these often unhelpful comments, can increase feelings of self-doubt, a loss of confidence and a fear of judgement.  [...]

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How to ride a spooky horse positively and effectively


How to ride a spooky horse positively and effectively Spooky horses can be tricky and their antics can chip away at your riding confidence. Most of us at one time or another will have experienced a horse that spooks and it can be very off putting. It’s part and parcel of partnering up with a fight or flight animal that has a mind of its own and sometimes even it’s own agenda. What is important however is to have a plan of action in place to manage and ride these spooky horses effectively and safely, so that you can [...]

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What is a confident rider?


What is a confident rider? Have you ever wondered what being a confident rider actually means? How do you know if you’re confident? Do you even think about how you’re a confident rider (or not?!)? The term ‘confident rider’ is talked about an awful lot, and there are numerous social media groups and forums where riders who are struggling with a lack of confidence in their riding share their experiences and ideas, but what does it really mean to be a ‘confident rider’? There are so many different aspects of being a rider that can influence whether we feel [...]

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8 Top Tips for Nervous Horse Riders


8 Top Tips for Nervous Horse Riders Every rider feels nervous from time to time. It is all part and parcel of taking part in a sport where your partner just happens to be 10 times your size, with an unpredictable mind of their own. Most non-horsey people think we are mad and there have been certain odd occasions where I have questioned the reality of riding myself. Our nerves can kick in at any given time which is especially true when stretching out of our comfort zone.  Feeling nervous occasionally is no bad thing since it [...]

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