Other people’s opinions


How to stop other people’s opinions and advice from undermining your riding confidence I’ve had a number of conversations this week with clients who have been on the receiving end of unsolicited advice, judgement and negativity from someone on their yard. The riders hadn’t asked for help, but the other person had felt compelled in the moment to share their own thoughts and comments about the horse’s way of going, the training methods or the rider’s skills. The impact of hearing these often unhelpful comments, can increase feelings of self-doubt, a loss of confidence and a fear of judgement.  [...]

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5 ways to stop feeling frustrated when riding


5 ways to stop feeling frustrated when riding Every rider has experienced frustration at some point when riding. Sometimes frustration can feel like a BIG emotion, and trigger a downwards spiral into beating ourselves up and feeling miserable. Getting frustrated and cross with ourselves, or worse with our horses, never leads to a positive outcome.  So what can we do to overcome frustration when we’re riding? Stop! As soon as you recognise that you’re feeling frustration, press pause on what you’re doing. Interrupt the current pattern and find some space away from what you’re trying to achieve.  For example, [...]

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Experiencing fear when riding? A simple trick to change how you feel


Experiencing fear when riding? A simple trick to change how you feel We’ve all been there at some point... the feeling of fear, anxiety and nerves when riding, whether competing, hacking out, or simply mounting your horse. Your legs feel like jelly, you feel like you’re going to be sick at any moment, you tip forwards and grab hold of the reins in an attempt to keep control, your breathing is so quick and shallow that you feel lightheaded, and all you can think about is ‘I’m going to fall off / lose control / make a fool of [...]

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What is a confident rider?


What is a confident rider? Have you ever wondered what being a confident rider actually means? How do you know if you’re confident? Do you even think about how you’re a confident rider (or not?!)? The term ‘confident rider’ is talked about an awful lot, and there are numerous social media groups and forums where riders who are struggling with a lack of confidence in their riding share their experiences and ideas, but what does it really mean to be a ‘confident rider’? There are so many different aspects of being a rider that can influence whether we feel [...]

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How To Be Confident When Riding a New Horse


How to be confident when riding a new horse Riding a new horse can be pretty daunting. Many of us have ridden the same horse/s for years and the prospect of the unknown can affect our confidence levels (even if we would usually consider ourselves quite confident riders). It’s completely understandable to feel this way and isn’t uncommon for us to feel a bit nervous getting on a new horse. There are also a few key reasons why we may be in the situation of having to get on a new horse which can include; New horse at a [...]

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