BHS Stage 1 Course

Maybe you’re new to horse ownership and there’s so much to learn, but don’t know where to start.

Or you’d love to buy your first horse, but worry that you don’t know enough yet. 

Perhaps you lack confidence in your knowledge and want to work with someone you can trust, where you can find support, advice and guidance on best practices for caring for your horse.

You might want to progress through the BHS qualifications, and you’re struggling to find accessible, high quality training to help you prepare and learn everything you need to pass the exam.

It’s so easy to get confused by conflicting advice from yard buddies, product suppliers, and social media, and you worry about every decision and doing the best for your horse; you don’t want to let him/her down!

But I do know that you’re keen to develop a better understanding of how to care for and manage horses.

I can help you. 

My name is Alison Buttery and I’m an experienced BHS Accredited Professional Coach, and I’ve spent over 10 years as a Senior Lecturer in Equine Science, working with many people to train towards equestrian qualifications, from foundation through to degree levels, alongside British Horse Society exams.

When you join my Stage One Horse Care & Management group coaching programme you will…

  • Know exactly what’s involved in caring for your first horse

  • Feel empowered to make educated decisions about what to feed your horse, and what bedding, rugs, tack and equipment to use and when

  • You’ll feel confident in what checks you should do, to make sure your horse is healthy & happy, and build a better relationship with your horse

  • Be able to assess the condition of your horse’s feet & shoes, so that you can help reduce the risk of problems and lameness

  • Understand how to care properly for both stabled and grass kept horses, while maintaining the highest standards of horse welfare

  • Experience the satisfaction, pride & enjoyment in completing the course, so that you’re excited to progress and learn more

  • Have the confidence to progress through the BHS qualifications if you choose

Yes, you could spend lots of time researching and learning everything you need to know via Google, social media or YouTube, and reading all the books, but when you can access everything you need to know in one place and train with an industry professional, you can have complete confidence that what you are learning is actually right!

So how is this programme different to other online courses? 

  • Access to a trustworthy and knowledgeable trainer – I’m a highly qualified and experienced Stage 4 BHS Accredited Professional Coach, who has spent over 10 years as a Senior Lecturer in Equine Science, teaching up to degree level

  • Step-by-step training to help you develop your knowledge & understanding, so that you are never overfaced

  • Accountability – the sessions are delivered live and in real time with me, so that you are more likely to stay on track and complete the training

  • Interactive sessions – there’s no dull and monotonous Zoom training with me! You’ll be challenged to get involved with the activities, so that you are applying what you are learning and getting the most out your time

  • Opportunity to ask questions in real time – clarify anything you’re not sure about, explore how topics apply to you and your horse, and cement your understanding

  • Community – learn and share experiences with other like-minded horse people who are keen to learn and develop their understanding

I’ve worked in the equestrian industry for over 25 years, and I’ve helped hundreds of students through training for their BHS exams. I know that if you follow this programme, join the sessions, get involved and work on developing your depth of knowledge, that you will build your confidence in managing the horses in your care. 

Rider Confidence

Over the course of 10 weeks, you’ll get live, online group coaching sessions where you’ll learn the basics of owning and managing your horse. You’ll get weekly training sessions with me, via Zoom, where we’ll focus on one of the following topics:

  • Equine anatomy & physiology

  • Horse health

  • Care of the stabled horse

  • Care of the grass-kept horse

  • Feeding & watering

  • Tack & Equipment

  • The foot and shoeing

  • Horse behaviour

  • General knowledge of horse care & management

The 10 training sessions will be between 1-1.5 hours in length, and you’ll get a workbook for each module, and get the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each session. There will also be additional instructional videos, for you to watch in your own time, showing exactly how to carry out the practical activities safely and efficiently.

The course follows the British Horse Society Stage 1 syllabus for Horse Care and Management, and we will cover everything you need to prepare for this exam (if that’s your goal, but it doesn’t have to be!). You can check out the full BHS Stage 1 syllabus HERE.

By completing this course, you will know the basics of caring for and managing horses, so that you can be confident that you are doing everything you can right now, to keep your horse happy and healthy.

The course starts on 27th February 2021 and will finish on 1st May 2021.

All training sessions will be recorded, along with the workbooks and learning resources, so that you’ll have access to them whenever you like after the live course.

Join this programme today, and you’ll learn the basics of horse care & management, so that you can offer the very best home for your horse, build a great relationship and go out and have lots of fun together!

Your next steps:

Step One – Select your preferred payment method below

Step Two – Enter your info and card details

Step Three – Click on ‘Submit’

Step Four – You’ll see a ‘Thank you’ page to confirm your payment,

Step Five – You’ll receive an email within 24 hours, with full instructions on how to access the training sessions

We’ll meet (virtually!) for our first training session together at 2pm (GMT) on Saturday 27th February 2021

If you want to fill in the gaps in your knowledge, start working towards your BHS exams, or simply build your confidence as a horse owner, then this programme is just for you!

Rider Confidence


Bonus #1 – Equine Learning Theory Workshop

With so many different ways to train horses, from traditional methods to Clicker Training, Monty Roberts, TRT, Parelli and a wide range of other techniques, wouldn’t it be great to understand exactly how horses learn?

In this one-off workshop, you’ll learn the principles of equine learning theory, so that you can start to understand not only how your horse learns, but to also improve how you manage and communicate with your horse, and develop a better partnership together.

Bonus #2 – The Horse’s Digestive System

In order to make sure that you are meeting your horse’s nutritional needs, it’s important to have an understanding of the structure and function of the horse’s digestive system. We’ll explore how the digestive system works, so that you can make informed decisions about what, when and how to feed your horse.

** These two exclusive bonuses are only going to be available to the first 10 people who sign up to the Stage One programme **

Stage One Horse Care & Management Group Coaching Programme

An online, live group coaching programme where you’ll learn the correct principles of horse management, so that you can provide the very best care for your horse and keep him (or her!) healthy & happy.

  • 10 weeks live, online coaching

  • All sessions are recorded for you to watch or catch up on at any time

  • Interactive, engaging training sessions

  • Downloadable workbooks for each module

  • Exclusive practical, instructional videos for practical activities

  • Q&A sessions to consolidate and apply your learning

  • Access to a highly qualified and experienced Coach

  • A lovely community of like-minded people who are keen to learn

  • A safe place to ask for support or guidance

  • Two exclusive bonuses for the first 10 people to join

  • Lifetime access to the whole programme

The course starts on 27th January 2021 and will finish on 1st May 2021, and all sessions will take place on Saturday afternoons between 2pm-3.30pm GMT.

Payment in Full

£147Single payment

Payment Plan

£553 x monthly payments

So for less than £15 per session, you can learn the principles of horse care and management from the comfort of your own home, in your own time and with lifetime access to the whole programme. This programme will increase in price the next time I deliver it as live training, so take advantage of this offer and let’s kick on!

Stage One Horse Care & Management programme
Enrolment closes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own a horse to take part in this programme?

Not at all! This programme is open to everyone, whether you ride regularly at a riding school, help with a friend’s horse, whether you’re a student at college, returning to horse ownership after a break, or thinking about buying your first horse.

What if I can’t make the live training sessions?

Don’t worry, all the sessions will be recorded and made available to you via my website, so that you can watch the replays and work through the topics in your own time. All participants will have lifetime access to the programme, for as long as it is available.

I’m not very good with technology, and I’m worried that I won’t know how to join the training sessions!

All the live sessions will take place via Zoom, which is totally free for you to access. You can join the sessions on your computer, smartphone or tablet. I’ll also send you clear instructions on how to use Zoom and take part, so please don’t worry!

What if I change my mind?

If for any reason you think the programme is not for you, or you change your mind, then I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee from the point of payment.

I don’t live in the UK, will this programme help me?

Yes absolutely! The principles of good horse management and care can (and should!) be applied anywhere, and will time differences might mean that you can’t always access the live sessions, you can certainly use the recordings to boost your learning.

Do I have to be a member of the British Horse Society to do this programme?

No! This training is open to anyone of any age (although it’s probably most appropriate for children aged 12 or above)

Does this programme include the exam?

No, the BHS Stage 1 Horse Care & Management exam/qualification is not part of this programme, but we will cover everything you need to know in order to prepare and train to take the exam.

Do I have to take the BHS Stage 1 Horse Care & Management exam?

No, absolutely not! This programme is to help you get a clear understanding of the basics of caring for and managing horses, and it’s entirely up to you whether you decide to take the exam or not, there’s no pressure at all.

Does this programme also include training towards the ridden sections of the BHS qualifications?

No, there is no riding training included in this programme.

What if I love the programme and want to progress?

I will be offering a Stage Two Horse Care & Management group coaching programme a little later in the year, so that would be a natural progression! You do not have to have taken the BHS Stage 1 exam to progress on Stage Two training with me!

I’m not sure whether this programme is for me right now, what should I do?

Simply email me with your questions or concerns, and I’ll be delighted to help you decide whether it is for you or not. It’s really important to me that the right people join and take part in this programme, so please do get in touch. There won’t be any pressure to join or awkward sales pitch, and you’ll get a feel for whether you’d like to work with me or not.

Pay in full

£147One off payment

Payment Plan

553 x monthly payments
Stage One Horse Care & Management programme
Enrolment closes