So come on, what are you really afraid of… 

  • Falling off? 
  • Getting hurt? 
  • What other people think? 
  • Looking like a fool? 
  • Upsetting or hurting your horse? 
  • Being out of control? 
  • All of the above?? 

As humans, fear is an entirely natural and important emotion, as it is our mind’s way of trying to keep us safe from harm. So it’s important to recognise that if you’re feeling fear around your riding, then it is just your mind trying to keep you in one piece.  

The trouble is that our minds play tricks on us. 

Millions of years ago, our flight or fight reaction helped keep us safe from being killed and eaten by predators. These days I’m pleased to say this is an unlikely scenario, however our mind doesn’t know the difference between REAL and PERCEIVED danger. Bless it, our mind responds in the same way regardless if we’re about to be eaten by a tiger or whether we are in the start box about to go out onto a XC course.  

So, that fear you’re feeling? That’s just your mind trying to keep you safe. And that’s OK, isn’t it? 

I know what you’re thinking, “well how can I make my mind understand that this is not a life or death situation?”. There are masses of really effective tools to help you manage fear, but you can’t and shouldn’t ever get rid of it completely, otherwise we wouldn’t survive very long as a species! 

All I’d like you to do right now is to imagine what it will feel like to let go of that emotional fear response. What could you do with your horse if you weren’t feeling afraid? How much fun could you have? What dreams could you make come true? 

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