One of my favourite confidence-building techniques is to ride ‘as if’ you are a fully competent, confident rider. 

Pick a professional/elite rider that you admire, and step into their shoes. 

What do they see, hear and feel when they ride? What thoughts do they have while riding? What emotions do they feel? What actions do they take? 

Spend some time visualising and experiencing the full spectrum of vision, sound and feelings as if you ARE that rider.  

Prepare yourself by asking ‘how would he/she deal with my horse when he/she does X?’ What would that look, sound and feel like to that rider? 

Begin to train your unconscious mind that you ARE a confident rider by feeding it the best possible information, and who better to gain insight from than an elite, professional, highly skilled rider? 

Try it for size, and tell me how it fits! 

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