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Rider Video Coaching

  • Would you like to improve your riding and your horse’s way of going, from the comfort of your yard?
  • Perhaps you don’t have transport at the moment, or your horse is tricky to load, but you’d love to get 1-1 coaching to help you achieve your equestrian goals?
  • Maybe you don’t have access to a qualified & experienced equestrian coach in your area?
  • It could be that winter weather is getting in the way of your regular lessons, and you’d love to find a way of getting constructive feedback on your riding?
  • Or you are regularly out competing and you’d love to work with a coach who can help you iron out your performance so that you can move up the levels?
  • During these crazy times, you might be in lockdown and want to stay motivated to ride and focus on different ways to improve.

Whatever your situation, rider video coaching is a fantastic opportunity to help you and your horse make real, positive progress towards your goals.

Video coaching and online video analysis offer horse riders the opportunity to improve their riding, their horse’s way of going, and overcome challenges, from anywhere in the world.

Remote video coaching allows any rider, at any level, to access training with a Coach and receive detailed & constructive feedback which will help them achieve their equestrian goals.

How does remote video coaching work?2020-10-23T08:18:15+01:00

All you have to do is record a short video of you riding, perhaps showing a specific problem or something you’d like to do better. Upload the video to the coaching app, and your coach will watch the video and provide detailed feedback and advice on how to resolve the problem with appropriate exercises (like homework!). 

How long does it take to get feedback on my video?2020-10-23T08:17:28+01:00

We set aside specific times each week to focus and concentrate on analysing rider videos. Currently, videos are assessed on Tuesday and Friday each week.

What problems can rider video coaching help resolve?2020-10-23T08:20:13+01:00

Video coaching can be used for any type of training; flatwork, polework, or jumping.

It can help riders to improve their position, application of the aids, preparation for dressage tests, riding specific school movements, develop transitions and the scales of training (rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness, collection).

For jumping, video coaching can help develop the rider’s jumping position, approach & take off, landing & get away after a jump, riding through combinations, related distances and lines, riding around a show jumping course or linking fences together, improving the quality of the horse’s canter and the horse’s jumping technique.

What does rider video coaching cost?2020-10-31T21:54:36+00:00

One-off sessions are £15, offering coaching on a single video, up to 5 minutes in length. You’ll get detailed feedback on your video, with voice-over, graphics and a clear summary of action points and homework so that you can improve both your riding and your horse’s way of going. Don’t forget that video coaching works for both flatwork and jumping!

If you’d like to benefit from ongoing training, you can book standalone packages on a month-by-month basis, according to your needs. There is no minimum contract, so you can mix and match the packages across each month, according to your specific requirements.

Details of the video coaching packages are available, as shown in the table below:

Package What you get
Gold £120/month 2 x 30 minute, fortnightly 1-1 rider coaching calls, via Zoom 

1 x 5 minute video per week, for 4 weeks 

2 x dressage test OR SJ round analysis & feedback 

15% discount for online training courses

Unlimited support via messages on either App

Silver £90/month 1 x 30 minute 1-1 rider coaching call, via Zoom 

1 x 5 minute video per week, for 4 weeks 

1 x dressage test OR SJ round analysis & feedback 

10% discount for online training courses

Bronze £40/month 1 x 5 minute video per week, for 4 weeks
How long do my videos need to be?2020-10-23T08:16:24+01:00

It’s way more effective to focus on short, specific parts of your riding to really make progress. It could be that you’d like to improve your canter transitions, leg yield or jumping through a tricky line. To get the most out of video coaching, you need to be really strategic about the videos you upload, in order to get the specific results you want. General training videos can be anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length. 

You can also get coaching on videos from competitive dressage tests, show jumping or cross-country rounds.

What are the 1-1 rider coaching calls?2020-10-23T08:15:35+01:00

These live, dismounted 1-1 sessions via Zoom offer you the chance to explore your riding goals, and learn some key strategies to help you achieve them. You will be able to book these directly with your coach once you have booked onto either the Silver or Gold packages.

Do I have to be a current client of the Coach to use rider video coaching?2020-10-31T21:59:58+00:00

Not at all; rider video coaching is open to both current and new clients! 

All you need to do is book online using the links below, and provide details of yourself and your horse, via the online questionnaire which you’ll get as part of the booking process. 

Remember, video coaching can be used for both flatwork and jumping, and for riders at any level.

How to book your Rider Video Coaching sessions

Step One – Book your sessions or packages using the link below.

Step Two – Complete the Rider Video Coaching questionnaire

Step Three – Once you have done these two things, we will send you an email inviting you to join the coaching software we use, which is called OnForm. Confirm that you would like to access the software via the link. You can also download the OnForm app onto your Android or Apple devices for free. 

Step Four – Now you can upload your first video!

Step Five – If you have booked a video coaching package, you will be emailed a link so that you can book your 1-1 rider coaching call(s) via the online calendar system, and your Zoom link will be sent to you

That’s it! 


Rider video coaching is for any rider, at any level! 

It doesn’t matter where you live, or which country or time zone you are in, any rider can benefit from remote video coaching. 

If you have any questions or would like a chat about how rider video coaching could work for you, please email alison@theeverydayequestrian.co.uk

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