I know you do everything you can to keep your horse happy, healthy and sane. I know that you do All. The. Things.  

I know your horse has a carefully managed routine. He has the best feed you can afford. He has regular farrier and dentist appointments. He has his teeth check and vaccinations done annually. He sees the vet if you sense something is ‘not quite right’. He gets carefully curated turnout to allow him down-time. He has access to carefully poo-picked fields. He’s visited by an equine physiotherapist to make sure he’s not sore and stays pain-free. He benefits from long hours of research, discussion and trials to find the very best fitting tack. He has waaay too many rugs, for every type of weather. He has enough lotions and potions to deal with any situation that may arise. 

But what about you? Do you get all these things too? If not, why not? 

Why do you consider yourself a less important half of the partnership? 

How can you even begin to help your horse stay happy, health and sane, if you are not on top form yourself? When will you decide that actually, your horse NEEDS you to also be happy, health and sane? 

If you can’t/won’t do this for yourself, then do it for your horse. 

Get fit and strong. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Seek professional help when you need it.  

Start making yourself as much a priority as your horse, and you’ll both benefit. 

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