• Overcome stress, anxiety, nerves and a loss of confidence when riding your horse, with your own unique hypnotherapy recording, which is tailored to your specific needs. One size unfortunately doesn’t fit all when it comes to hypnotherapy. Your riding experiences and daily challenges will be different from someone else’s so listening to a generic recording will certainly help, but having a personalised hypnotherapy audio download created with you in mind and tailored to your needs, will create a longer lasting change in your life and help you achieve your equestrian goals in an easy and stress free way. How does it work?
    1. Order your recording via this link
    2. Complete the online questionnaire, found on the 'Thank you' page, with as much detail as possible
    3. You'll be sent the audio recording directly to your email address within 7 days
    It's that simple! How long does the hypnotherapy recording last? Each hypnotherapy session is between 30- 45 minutes in length, depending on your specific confidence and mindset challenges. Once you have received your audio file, it is yours to keep forever and you can listen to it as many times as you like! Will it work for me? The good news is that hypnosis is safe, effective, and works very quickly compared to other types of therapy. But, hypnosis is not a magic wand and in most cases, results won’t happen overnight. The best results are achieved when you listen to your hypnotherapy recording regularly i.e. 4-5 times per week, for a couple of months. You should NOT take part in hypnotherapy or listen to recordings when you are driving or operating heavy machinery, or if you suffer with neurological conditions such as Epilepsy. I'm not sure whether hypnotherapy is right for me?! Don't worry, if you're wondering whether a hypnotherapy session is right for you, please book a FREE call with me to discuss your specific situation and requirements, and I'll be delighted to have a chat.
    • Are you struggling with fear or a lack of confidence in your riding?
    • Do you have a mindset or confidence block that is holding you back from enjoying riding your horse?
    • Perhaps you feel stuck with negative thoughts and emotions around riding?
    If any of these resonate with you, I can help you manage your fear and let go of negativity around your riding, so that you can finally enjoy your horse and go out and do what you love. We will use a combination of mindset tools & techniques, tailored to your specific situation. You do not need any prior experience of mindset work, just an openness to change and a determination to finally overcome your mindset and confidence gremlins!
  • Are you a horse rider who has lost their confidence? My 1-1 Rider Confidence sessions can help you become more confident and positive. Learn how to create a positive mindset and build your riding confidence, whatever your level of experience or knowledge.
    • Get back to riding confidently after a fall
    • Manage anxiety or nerves around riding
    • Overcome the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
    • Learn how to manage your mindset to really enjoy your riding
    Suitable for leisure or competitive riders, these sessions will help you overcome your fears and become the positive, calm and confident rider you'd love to be!  
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