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My name is Alison Buttery and I’m obsessed with helping riders to overcome their nerves, anxiety and fear, so that they can fall back in love with riding their horse again.

Whether you’re an rider who is struggling with nerves when riding in front of other people, or maybe you’d love to be able to hack out confidently, or to come back stronger after an accident, I know that you can learn how to build a confident, positive mindset around your riding.

As a certified mindset and confidence coach, a BHS APC Senior Coach and experienced rider, I know all too well how a lack of confidence can hold riders back. I also know how limiting beliefs, unhelpful emotions and negative thoughts keep riders stuck in a cycle of anxiety and worry. 

It’s not enough to manage the symptoms of nerves and panic with superficial ‘fixes’; true confidence comes when you know how to manage and reprogramme the core beliefs, habits and behaviours which underpin your experience. (And believe me, what I teach will help you across your whole world, not just your riding!)

So if you’re struggling with nerves, anxiety or fear around any part of your riding, check out the links below to find out how you can start your journey to becoming a calm, confident and positive rider…

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