Are you an ‘overthinker’?  

If you are, bet the niggly, negative voice in your head never shuts up. I bet it’s filled with a whole heap of ‘what ifs’, ‘shoulds’ and ‘can’t’. Maybe your mind is spinning with those hurtful thoughts like a washing machine on a spin cycle. I also bet that you feel stuck inside that spin cycle. 

It can be utterly exhausting to be stuck with a mind full of negative, nasty thoughts which only serve to keep you miserable.  

Just think how much more brain space you’d have if you could turn those awful voices off. Can you imagine for a moment how much more peaceful your mind would be if you could just stop thinking for a little while? Wouldn’t it be bliss?! 

If you’re an overthinker, your mind is stuck at warp speed in a cycle of negative thinking. Always going to the worst possible scenario and limiting your options, and it can be challenging to step out of this cycle. 

There are a number of steps you can take towards calming your mind: 

  1. Become aware of the negative thoughts 
  2. Acknowledge that those negative thoughts are not reality, just a story you have told yourself over and over again, until it has become an ingrained habit 
  3. Write those thoughts down as they appear, without filter or judgement; just get them out of your head and onto paper 
  4. Later the same day, return to those notes and write new, positive challenges to each and every negative thought you have written down. How else you could you interpret things? 
  5. Work towards noticing your thoughts, identifying unhelpful thoughts as soon as you can, so that as you become more practiced and self-aware, you can challenge those untruths in your mind before they take hold 

This is a really simple process, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can do this once and crack it. If you’re an established overthinker, then you’ll need to be vigilant and repeat this process until it becomes a new, positive habit. 

You can calm your mind, can’t you? 

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