How to stop feeling scared when riding your horse, and start feeling confident and in control Have you ever felt anxious, scared or nervous when riding, whether at home or out and about? Perhaps you’ve had a fall from your horse and now feel scared to get back in the saddle. Maybe you’ve had a break from riding, and feel frustrated that you’ve lost your confidence. It could be that you’d love to hack out in open spaces, but you’re worried that your horse will get over-excited and you’ll lose control. Or even something so simple as putting your foot in […]

Perfect Your Polework is an online course that will guide you through the correct principles of how to set up, ride and progressively develop your horse’s way of going (and your riding too!). Whether you are an experienced rider or someone new to owning and riding horses, this course will take you from the basics of using poles in your schooling, through to being able to progress and challenge your horse (and your riding!) at higher levels.

Click the title or image for full details on this programme. Delivered in line with the British Horse Society Stage 1 Care qualification, this programme is for new or experienced horse owners who want to consolidate their knowledge and application of correct basic horsemanship. ** Please note ** You do not have to be a member of the BHS to take part in this training, nor do you have to take the BHS exam at the end of it.