Fearless & Fabulous

Do you feel anxious, scared or nervous when riding?

  • Perhaps you’ve had a fall from your horse and now feel scared to get back in the saddle

  • Maybe you’ve had a break from riding, and feel frustrated that you’ve lost your confidence

  • It could be that you’d love to hack out in open spaces, but you’re worried that your horse will get over-excited and you’ll lose control

  • Or even something so simple as putting your foot in the stirrup to mount fills you with dread, and you’re too scared to even get on and ride

So who am I?

My name is Alison Buttery and I work with riders who have lost their confidence and who are experiencing nerves, anxiety and fear when riding their horses. I have ridden and competed for many years, and I’ve had my fair share of confidence challenges. I know first hand how tricky it can be to recover physically and mentally from injuries, accidents and scary moments!

I’m an experienced freelance British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach (Stage 4), and also a multi-certified Rider Mindset & Confidence Coach. I can help you learn how to get from feeling fearful and scared to becoming calm and confident, so that you can start to feel that excitement and joy around riding again. 

I want to share with you some of my most effective techniques and strategies, so that you can apply them to your specific situation, and you can begin your journey to becoming a more confident rider.

“Alison made this course so interesting and not just a lecture! Fascinating information about the brain without overloading you with too much info. So useful having top tips from someone that generally knows her stuff really well! She always uses examples from her own experiences through her BHS coach hat which is great. If you need that confidence boost or have had a nasty accident (like myself) Alison’s course is a must! Highly recommend!”


“After the session I felt a lot more positive about dealing with my confidence issues. It was very helpful to have techniques to use. All the subjects covered made a lot of sense and Alison was very sympathetic and understanding.”

“This course allowed me to reflect on what was actually holding me back and causing my confidence issues and then gave me practical skills to use in dealing with anxiety when I am on my horse. Using the strategies from the course I had the confidence to hack my horse out alone for the very first time the next day. I cannot recommend the course highly enough.”

So what do you get?

This training package is available as part of my signature rider confidence and mindset membership, called Crack the Confidence Code.

When you book onto this training, you will get access to my exclusive online Fearless & Fabulous Masterclass, which includes:

  • Full access to the 9 modules of the Fearless & Fabulous Masterclass training

  • Training on how to get your mind working for you, rather than against you

  • You’ll learn simple, effective tools and strategies that you can practice both on and off the horse, to help you stay calm and in control

  • Ways to manage the three most common rider fears

  • Study the training in your own time, at your own pace

  • Immediate access to the full training and resources

I will show you how to manage your fears so that you can get back to doing what you love. You’ll learn what fear is, how and why fear affects riders, alongside practical and mindset techniques that you can implement at any time.

When you join this Fearless & Fabulous Masterclass training, you’ll ALSO get full access to my Crack the Confidence Code Membership, which includes…

  • Access to my signature rider mindset & confidence online, self-study programme, Crack the Confidence Code

  • Downloadable workbooks, videos, audio files to help you make positive changes in how you think and feel

  • Monthly live, members-only Q&A sessions, where you can submit your questions and get tailored support for your specific mindset & confidence challenges

  • Weekly live training sessions in the Facebook group, with additional mindset and confidence building tips and exercises

  • Ongoing support, guidance and access to the best possible cheerleaders in the members-only Facebook group

  • Regular, members-only rider confidence Challenge Weeks

  • Specific training packages (such as the Fearless & Fabulous Masterclass) to help you solve your confidence and mindset problems

You can find full details of the Crack the Confidence Code Membership HERE

If you join the CCC Membership, and you decide that it’s not for you, then you can cancel at any time!

There’s no minimum contract or long term commitment… but of course, if you do love it, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like!

Fearless & Fabulous Masterclass

  • Includes full access to the CCC Membership
  • Monthly payment
  • Cancel any time after the first month

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take part in this Masterclass training?

It is accessible on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Simply book your place using the Join Now button on this page, and you be redirected to the CCC Member Dashboard where you’ll find all the resources.

How can I make the most of this Masterclass training?

Have a pen and paper handy so that you can take notes during the session, and jot down any questions you have as you go along. The key is not just to learn and understand, but to take action and implement; you’ll only get results if you do the work!

What level of rider is this training for?

This Masterclass is for any rider, at any level! You will be able to tailor the information and techniques to your own situation, so everyone is very welcome.

What if I change my mind?

When you join the Crack the Confidence Code Membership, you can cancel your monthly subscription any time after the first month. No refunds will be given.

Will I really stop feeling scared by watching this Masterclass?

Here’s the thing… watching this Masterclass alone will not mean that you’ll become a more confident rider. You have to commit to taking action, and practising the techniques repeatedly. I cannot wave a magic wand and suddenly make you overcome your fears (I wish!), but I can give you the mindset tools, techniques and strategies to help you make the changes you need to make to become more confident.

The riders who become confident are those that take 100% responsibility and take action, not allowing themselves to make excuses.

So what I do know is that I can help you learn what you need to do to manage your fears around riding, but what I can’t do is guarantee that you will do the work!

It’s down to you 🙂

Fearless & Fabulous Masterclass

  • Includes access to the CCC Membership
  • Monthly payment
  • Cancel any time after the first month