• Do you suffer with competition nerves, and would love to have a step-by-step process to compete with confidence?

  • Would you love to start competing with your horse, but you not sure if you’re ready?

  • Perhaps you’d love to find a way to enjoy your competing and achieve better results?

  • It could be that you’re aiming to step up a level, and need a step-by-step process to build your confidence, and improve your performance?

Crack the Confidence Code
Competition nerves
Crack the Confidence Code

My name is Alison Buttery and I work with riders who have lost their confidence and who are experiencing nerves, anxiety and fear when riding their horses. I’m a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach, but also a multi-certified Rider Mindset & Confidence Coach. I can help you learn how to get from feeling fearful and scared to becoming calm and confident, so that you can start to feel that excitement and joy about riding again. 

I have created the Compete with Confidence Toolkit specifically for riders like you, who want to feel more positive, in control and confident in their ability, so that you can really enjoy competing!

You’ll get clear, actionable advice on how to set yourself up for success and to compete your horse with confidence, whether you’re heading out to do your very first dressage test, jump your first 60cm show jumping round, or qualify for championships.

You’ll learn my simple 4-step process for competing with confidence and to achieve success, in whatever that means for you.

When you enrol, you’ll get immediate access to the Compete with Confidence Toolkit, which includes video sessions and a downloadable 25 page workbook, packed with exercises and activities to help you find the best training plan for you and your horse.

The Compete with Confidence Toolkit combines the best sport psychology and practical training strategies, broken down into manageable chunks, so that you can apply them to your specific situation. 

Enrol today to get full & immediate access to the Compete with Confidence Toolkit:

  • My simple, 4-step framework to competing with confidence

  • My exclusive online course, comprising video tutorials and a 25-page downloadable workbook

  • Confidence-building strategies and techniques, to help you enjoy competing your horse

  • All exercises & activities can be tailored to your situation and discipline

  • The best combination of practical tips and techniques, alongside rider mindset and confidence strategies

Crack the Confidence Code