• Are you struggling with a lack of confidence when you’re riding?

  • Do you feel nervous, anxious or scared when hacking out, jumping or riding in the arena?

  • You’ve had a fall or a bad experience, and you’re desperate to get back to riding and doing what you love with your horse, but you can seem to get past it

  • Something as simple as putting your foot in the stirrup to mount fills you with dread, and you’re too scared to even get on and ride.

  • You’re really hard on yourself, your mind is full of negative thought patterns and you relentlessly beat yourself up for not being good enough, or for letting your horse down…

Rider Confidence
Crack the Confidence Code

My name is Alison Buttery and I work with riders who have lost their confidence and who are experiencing nerves, anxiety and fear when riding their horses.

I’m a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach, and also a multi-certified Rider Mindset & Confidence Coach. I can help you learn how to get from feeling fearful and scared to becoming calm and confident, so that you can start to feel that excitement and joy about riding again.

I want to share with you some of my most effective techniques and strategies, so that you can apply them to your specific situation, and you can begin your journey to becoming a more confident rider.

My signature rider mindset and confidence programme, Crack the Confidence Code, is your comprehensive guide to creating a new, positive, strong and sustainable mindset around your riding. The programme combines the best in rider psychology, mindset and confidence training strategies and techniques, so that you can get to where you want to be.

Crack the Confidence Code is currently closed to new members, however if you’d like to hear first when the doors open again, and to get your hands on a sneaky early bird offer, then simply fill out your details below: