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Do any of these experiences feel familiar?

  • You feel nervous, anxious or scared when hacking out, jumping or riding in the arena?

  • You’ve had a fall or a bad experience, and you’re desperate to get back to riding and doing what you love with your horse, but you can’t seem to get past it.

  • You’re really hard on yourself, your mind is full of negative thought patterns and you relentlessly beat yourself up for not being good enough, or for letting your horse down…

  • Something as simple as putting your foot in the stirrup to mount fills you with dread, and you’re too scared to even get on and ride.

Any of these experiences will make you feel fed up and stuck, and perhaps you just can’t see a way to overcome your fears and loss of confidence.

Whatever your situation right now, I want you to know that you are not alone.

I meet so many riders who are struggling with a loss of confidence about riding, and they have tried all sorts of ways to feel better, but nothing has really changed.

They simply haven’t got to the root of the problem…

Just imagine for a moment…

  • That you feel a sense of anticipation and excitement about riding your horse, and cannot wait to get going. 

  • Somehow when you’re riding, all your stresses and worries fall away, so you’re calmer and waay more content.
  • You’re in control of what you think, feel and do. You’re in flow, focussing completely on your riding and your horse. 

  • You’re working as a partnership; communication between you and your horse is effortless and easy.

  • You know that you have everything you need, to manage whatever situation occurs right now. You know that you always have a choice about what happens next.

  • Whether you’re feeling exhilarated about cantering across a field, moving up a level show jumping or simply achieving some amazing work with your horse in the arena, this is everything you ever dreamed of when riding. 

Rider Confidence
Crack the Confidence Code


My name is Alison Buttery and I work with riders who have lost their confidence and who are experiencing nerves, anxiety and fear when riding their horses.

I’m a Stage 4 qualified British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach, and also a multi-certified Rider Mindset & Confidence Coach, with over 25 years of working in the equestrian industry, helping riders & owners to enjoy their horses.

I can help you learn how to get from feeling fearful and scared to becoming calm and confident, so that you can start to feel that excitement and joy about riding again.

In this programme, I’m sharing my most effective techniques and strategies, so that you can apply them to your specific situation, and you can begin your journey to becoming a more confident rider.

My signature rider mindset and confidence programme, Crack the Confidence Code, is your comprehensive guide to creating a new, positive, strong and sustainable mindset around your riding. The programme combines the best in rider psychology, mindset and confidence training strategies and techniques, so that you can get to where you want to be.

Crack the Confidence Code is suitable for any rider, at any level, from anywhere in the world! It give you clear, step-by-step strategies to progressively build your confidence. You’ll learn how to combine a range of mindset tools with practical skills to build a solid foundation, keep yourself as safe as possible, and see real progress in your riding confidence.

“This course is extremely comprehensive and of great value in understanding how the mind works and providing tools and techniques to help develop the positive mindset essential for confident riding. It is a joy to progress through the modules learning different aspects of self development and the value of reflection and searching for the positives and learning points to build a strong foundation and a path forward.”

Janet F

“This course is exactly what I needed to make positive changes to my mindset, not just in my riding but in my life in general. It made me realise that I was holding myself back and that actually I can achieve anything I want if I put in the time and effort. This course has given me the direction and tools to be a more calm, confident and positive rider.”

Laura H

“Just a little update to say we’ve been having a great time out and about. I’ve cantered on a hack a few times now! We’ve also been working on our groundwork and our partnership. My daughter has done cross country too, which was amazing. My mindset has definitely shifted. I feel like I can handle things now, and fear isn’t holding me back. I’m still working on it, but now I have the techniques to help me. Thanks for the great resources – I’m going to keep going back to them as I know I’ll need to regularly keep on top of it.”

Julie C

“I attended the online “crash course” in improving riding confidence back in July 20 when a series of refusals whilst jumping left me quaking at the idea of confronting the dreaded jumps courses. After a suggestion to look at the course from a riding friend, I followed the online course religiously over the 5 weeks and loved it! My riding confidence was starting to improve but I wanted and still needed more…

I signed up to the Rider Confidence course and am loving it. It is even more in-depth with so many videos and resources to access at your own leisure. We have a weekly live facebook check-in section where members questions are often showcased with specific help/advice given to them.  I am now having weekly jumping lessons again and am really enjoying seeing mine and Macs progress.

Yes, we have still had the odd refusal/blip but I don’t come away feeling lost/terrified/totally useless etc. I come away thinking “what did I do well?”, “how can I learn from this?”, “are there any positives to take away from the experience?”. I am confident that my riding will continue to improve as half the battle has always been in my head.

This course is FINALLY giving me a new mindset to tackling riding issues and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone else who feels they lack in ridung confidence in someway.”

Alison C

Over the course of 3 months, you get access to a member’s area on my website, where you’ll get access to a range of learning resources, including videos, audio files and downloadable workbooks. Across 12 modules, delivered weekly in the member’s area, I’ll guide and support you through my 3-step framework, where you’ll learn how to overcome your nerves, anxiety and negative thinking around riding so that you can get back to enjoying your horse again.

You’ll get weekly training modules, where you’ll focus on one of the key principles of becoming a confident rider…

Part One – Mindset Magic

How your mind works, so that you can learn how to manage it and create a resilient, positive mindset.

Part Two – Confidence Toolkit

Step-by-step tools, techniques and strategies which will help you overcome limiting beliefs, negative thinking, fear and anxiety, which can be applied to any situation.

Part Three – The 4R’s

How to build and maintain your riding confidence so that you can reach your equestrian goals, and set yourself up for success in whatever way that means to you.

Follow my 3-step framework to go from nervous and scared to excited and confident about riding your horse:

  • Tailor the resources and techniques to your specific needs
  • Step-by-step training means that you are never overwhelmed
  • Self-study means you can fit the programme around your life and commitments
  • Super lovely, members-only Facebook community, where you can share your successes and achievements, no matter how big or small
  • Weekly live training with me in the FB group, where you can get your questions answered
  • Lifetime access means you can dip back into the programme whenever you want
  • Get access to simple and effective ways to feel more confident, many of which can be used while actually riding
  • Everything you learn in this programme can also have a huge positive impact across the rest of your life too!

You will be able to select from a wide range of confidence tools and techniques to suit your personal experience, and help you thrive during the inevitable ups and downs of riding horses.

Crack the Confidence Code
Rider Confidence
Crack the Confidence Code
Polework for horses

So what do you get when you join Crack the Confidence Code?

  • 12 modules, delivered weekly over the course of 3 months

  • Downloadable PDF workbooks for each module

  • Access to a members only Facebook group, offering community and support

  • Weekly LIVE rider mindset & confidence training in the Facebook group

  • Opportunity to get your questions answered in the Facebook group

  • Lifetime access to the programme

  • 7-day money back guarantee

This comprehensive Crack the Confidence Code programme not only teaches you how your mind works and how to get it on side, but also provides a wide range of tools and strategies to help you deal with your specific confidence challenges. When you complete this programme, you’ll be armed with everything you need to get and stay confident now and in the future.

You will know how to create and maintain a positive, growth mindset, so you can feel empowered and excited about the future.

You will become more confident, resilient and positive about riding, so that you’re able to stretch your comfort zone, and get out and enjoy riding your horse.

By completing this programme, and actively engaging with all the training and exercises, you will feel empowered to move forwards positively with riding your horse, so that you can achieve your equestrian dreams and goals!

Crack the Confidence Code

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I get access to the programme?

You’ll get access to the first module of Crack the Confidence Code programme, via the member’s area on my website, on Saturday 13th March 2021, with each of the following modules released on a weekly basis. All bonuses, will also be available from Saturday 20th March 2021.

I’m nervous to invest in this, will it be worth it?

If you were struggling with a practical skill in riding, you’d invest in lessons with a Riding Instructor. If you had an injury, you’d go to a specialist at the hospital or a physiotherapist to help get you fit & sound again.

This programme is an investment in your mindset and confidence, which will mean that you let go of the negative thoughts and emotions that are holding you back from doing what you love. You will also find that you can apply the principles in Crack the Confidence Code across all areas of your life too!

When you make the decision to join the programme, you are committing to building a positive, growth mindset and to getting out of your own way, so that you can do what you love… and that is priceless!

Will you guarantee that I’ll become a more confident rider if I take part in the programme?

Here’s the thing… booking onto Crack the Confidence alone will not mean that you’ll become a more confident rider!

You have to commit to taking action, and practising the techniques… repeatedly. I cannot wave a magic wand and suddenly make you overcome your fears (I wish!), but I can give you the mindset tools, techniques and strategies to help you make the changes you need to make to become more confident.

The riders who become more confident are those that take 100% responsibility and take action, not allowing themselves to make excuses.

So what I do know is that I can help you learn what you need to do to manage your fears around riding, but what I can’t do is guarantee that you will do the work!

It’s down to you 🙂

How can I access the programme?

Crack the Confidence Code will be available via the member’s area on my website, from Saturday 13th March 2021.

How can I make the most of this programme?

Make time each week to work through each module. The key is not just to learn and understand, but to take action and implement; you’ll only get results if you do the work!

What level of rider is this training for?

Crack the Confidence Code is for any rider, at any level, from anywhere around the world. Think of it as the equivalent of riding lessons… but for your mind! You will be able to tailor the information and techniques to your own situation, so everyone is very welcome.

What is the cancellation policy?

A full refund is available within 7 days of booking, for any reason. Past this date, no refunds will be provided.