10 ways to get the most from your riding lessons


Let's face it, finding the money to invest in training for both you and your horse isn't always easy, so here are my top tips to get the very best value from your lessons: Book your sessions in advance - Any good coach who is worth their salt will want to prioritise their best and most valued clients, but with the best will in the world, if you consistently leave it until the last minute to book a lesson, then it becomes super difficult to make real progress. Ultimately, you know we will do our very best to fit you [...]

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Why you should be setting your equestrian goals for 2019


Have you got your New Year's resolutions then? I honestly haven't really made any this year, since I don't really ever seem to stick to them anyway! Yes I'd love to be fitter, healthier, more 'sorted', but then what does that actually mean? So this year, I've actually made a plan. Like a grown up. It's on an Excel spreadsheet and everything (ever the geek!). But seriously, the plan is less about making resolutions that I won't keep, it's more about setting myself goals and achieving them. In terms of horses, I find that people tend to think that goal [...]

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November Madness!


What a month November turned out to be! Busy doesn't even come close to describing it all, what with teaching all hours God sends, alongside heading out for a whole heap of professional development events, I can safely say that I don't think I've ever worked as hard as this month! It has been brilliant though, from catching up with regular clients, to meeting new ones, to running fully booked clinics, to making plans for the future; I'm very very lucky to be able to work with such great horses & clients. I had initially planned to write loads of [...]

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The Rider’s Hands


Improving the Rider's Hands There are lots of novice riders who struggle to keep their hands in a good position and who struggle to maintain an even, elastic contact with the horse’s mouth. The good news is there are lots of ways to improve your hand position and how use your hands as a rider and we're going to talk about those today. The key thing to think about is that the rider’s hands are not actually the source of the problem, they are the symptom.  The better your seat is as a rider, the more you are able to improve [...]

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Why don’t horse riders look after themselves?


Why don’t horse riders look after themselves? www.theeverydayequestrian.co.uk I can honestly say that I look after my horses better than myself. It’s true! They have all their needs met; they have the very best diet, a structured exercise & work plan, they are groomed & pampered regularly, they have friends they can socialise with, the vet is called at any sign of pain or injury, and they pretty much have the best life that I can give them. It’s what I love doing! However, on the flip side I’m frequently exhausted, frantically running round like a headless chicken, poorly groomed & [...]

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The 5 Second Rule


The 5 Second Rule www.theeverydayequestrian.co.uk I’ve recently read a book by Mel Robbins, called ‘The 5 Second Rule’, and it is amazing! The concept is incredibly simple and can be used in any aspect of our lives, but I want to think about it in terms of horses and our motivation to ride. What do you want to improve in your life? What are the things that you really should be doing, but just can’t bring yourself to do? The 5 Second Rule gives us the call to action to make those necessary changes to improve what we do with our [...]

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Stop being so hard on yourself!


Stop being so hard on yourself! www.theeverydayequestrian.co.uk I coach a wide variety of different riders and I can honestly say that I love doing it. My clients are primarily grass-roots level and for the most part just want to improve and enjoy the time they spend with their horses. It is so very rewarding seeing the partnership progress and develop, overcoming their fears & problems. One of the biggest issues that I come across is riders who are just so very hard on themselves. I think it comes from wanting to do their absolute best for their horses and not wanting [...]

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Managing horses and a family


Managing horses and a family www.theeverydayequestrian.co.uk I had my little girl 20 months ago, and it has been an absolutely whirlwind. We never really planned to have children; we’d always talked about it but had got to a point where we simply didn’t think it was meant to be. Now I was never ‘mumsey’ or remotely maternal; I had no idea about what to do with babies or children, and really was a bit rubbish about it all, which was fine, because I was too busy out competing! I’d be out and about virtually every weekend and horses were my life. [...]

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Traditional Grooming


Traditional Grooming www.theeverydayequestrian.co.uk   We don’t groom our horses enough these days! Traditionally, when horses were working animals, grooms would be employed to provide the horse with a range of massage and grooming techniques, and I think it’s a real shame that we have lost the time and knowledge to give our horses proper, correct daily grooming. If you’re anything like me, a quick brush over before I ride is sufficient; the horse is clean in all the right places, i.e. where the tack goes, and I don’t do any more. I’m busy! I need to make sure my horse gets [...]

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To rug or not to rug…


To rug or not to rug? www.theeverydayequestrian.co.uk   My horse struggles to keep weight on. He always has, it’s just the way he is. He’s been checked by the vets (lots!), but he’s just not driven by food. Consequently, he has a body condition score of 3/5, which is healthy and good, but he can drop weight very quickly when weather gets cold. I have a whole range of rugs for him, and I do try to keep him warm and comfortable whatever the weather. Most people use rugs for their horses over winter, with the very good intentions of keeping [...]

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