November Madness!


What a month November turned out to be! Busy doesn't even come close to describing it all, what with teaching all hours God sends, alongside heading out for a whole heap of professional development events, I can safely say that I don't think I've ever worked as hard as this month! It has been brilliant though, from catching up with regular clients, to meeting new ones, to running fully booked clinics, to making plans for the future; I'm very very lucky to be able to work with such great horses & clients. I had initially planned to write loads of [...]

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  Centaur Biomechanics Equine Sports Science Seminar – October 2018 It was a real pleasure to attend this conference day at Hartpury College; it’s just the kind of thing I love doing! It is so important to keep up-to-date with research and hear it “from the horse’s mouth” (sorry!), so that we can share knowledge and understanding around the industry. The two primary speakers, Prof. Lars Roepstorff and Dr. Rachel Murray, were highly experienced and knowledgeable, offering some fascinating insights into a range of topics. I couldn’t possibly explain everything I learned from the day (it’s even harder to try to [...]


Centaur Biomechanics Rider Workshop


So last weekend I attend one of two annual events hosted by Russell Guire's company Centaur Biomechanics. It was held at the Unicorn Trust in Gloucestershire, which was absolutely lovely (although a day spent on wooden benches wasn't the most comfortable, but they had pre-warned us so I was a proper middle-aged woman and nicked the sofa cushions to take with me!). The clinic was presented by International List 1 dressage judge, Stephen Clarke, who has judged Charlotte & Valegro at the Olympic Games, so has a bit of an idea about this dressage lark... The format of the day [...]

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Back in the game!


I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am to be getting my life back together again! Some of you will be aware that three months ago, I underwent some fairly major surgery for an ongoing health issue, which meant that I simply had to put everything on hold for 3 months. It's not the first time that I've been forced to put my life on hold through hospitalisation, and while my health issues thankfully weren't life threatening, they were certainly having a huge impact on my quality of life, so I knew that I had to get fixed. [...]

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