Other people’s opinions


How to stop other people’s opinions and advice from undermining your riding confidence I’ve had a number of conversations this week with clients who have been on the receiving end of unsolicited advice, judgement and negativity from someone on their yard. The riders hadn’t asked for help, but the other person had felt compelled in the moment to share their own thoughts and comments about the horse’s way of going, the training methods or the rider’s skills. The impact of hearing these often unhelpful comments, can increase feelings of self-doubt, a loss of confidence and a fear of judgement.  [...]

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5 ways to stop feeling frustrated when riding


5 ways to stop feeling frustrated when riding Every rider has experienced frustration at some point when riding. Sometimes frustration can feel like a BIG emotion, and trigger a downwards spiral into beating ourselves up and feeling miserable. Getting frustrated and cross with ourselves, or worse with our horses, never leads to a positive outcome.  So what can we do to overcome frustration when we’re riding? Stop! As soon as you recognise that you’re feeling frustration, press pause on what you’re doing. Interrupt the current pattern and find some space away from what you’re trying to achieve.  For example, [...]

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How to ride a spooky horse positively and effectively


How to ride a spooky horse positively and effectively Spooky horses can be tricky and their antics can chip away at your riding confidence. Most of us at one time or another will have experienced a horse that spooks and it can be very off putting. It’s part and parcel of partnering up with a fight or flight animal that has a mind of its own and sometimes even it’s own agenda. What is important however is to have a plan of action in place to manage and ride these spooky horses effectively and safely, so that you can [...]

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What to do if you’re scared to jump your horse


What to do if you’re scared to jump your horse Jumping your horse can be exhilarating and loads of fun however many riders are scared to jump their horses. It is more common than you may think and even the most competent of riders can often be nervous about leaving the ground. Navigating jumps adds a physical element into the mix which does not always sit right with some riders and can cause fear and anxiety at just the thought of it. A scared or nervous rider does not always bring out the best in their horse and can [...]

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Why every horse owner needs to know the basics of horse management and care


Why every horse owner needs to know the basics of horse management and care There’s no doubt about it, owning a horse is a major responsibility and their care and management are ultimately in your hands at all times. Horses can be complicated and it is true to say that every day is a learning day when you have a horse in your care! Even the most experienced of horse owners can learn something new and expand their knowledge. We will never be in a situation where any single horse owner ‘knows it all’.  Although we will never be [...]

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9 Ways to get your riding confidence back after falling off your horse


9 Ways to get your riding confidence back after falling off your horse Falling from a horse can be a scary experience and can often change the way we feel about our riding in the blink of an eye. Injuries are common from falls and it is true to say that physically we can potentially do a lot of damage from hitting the deck. Injuries from the incident more often than not heal with time and care, but the experience can stay with us for a long time after the event. One of [...]

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6 exercises to help keep your heels down when riding  


Maintaining a good lower leg position with the heels a little lower than your toes, is important for so many reasons:  To be able to apply leg aids effectively and correctly  To help you stay on board and secure if the horse is excitable  To help build a balanced, symmetrical, independent seat  Lots of riders struggle to keep their heels down, and have a tendency to draw their heels up as they use their legs, gripping and nagging with each stride. So, here are my favourite exercises to help you lengthen your legs and achieve better foot position:  Start with your seat!   [...]

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How far have you come?


How often do you actually look back and see how far you have come? It’s really easy to get lost in the noise and lose perspective on your journey towards confidence. Start keeping a log/diary/journal of your achievements, so that you can reflect on all the hard work, commitment and positive progress you have made over time. It could be over a week, month or years.   Your starting point is not important, it’s the process you follow, and the progress you make which matters.   Start creating your story, and use it to boost your confidence.  Come and join my Crack the Confidence [...]

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Celebrate your wins


How often do you celebrate your riding achievements? I mean, really celebrate and acknowledge what you have done? I know many riders that will, when congratulated, reply with “Thank you, but {insert horse’s name] was brilliant today” or “Thank you, but it was really messy” or “ I could have done X, Y, Z better” or “God, it felt awful”. Sound familiar?  How about acknowledging that YOU made X happen? Regardless of how big or small, you need to start taking responsibility for the things that go RIGHT as well as WRONG.  I want you to find a whole list of ways in [...]

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Consistency is key


“It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently.”  Tony Robbins  The hard part about building confidence is that it takes consistent, positive action to become a confident rider. Doing a mindset exercise once is good, but committing to doing at least once, every single day, will make the biggest difference. Stretching your comfort zone and riding in an uncomfortable situation is great, but committing to doing it over and over again until it becomes your new normal, will mean that you become that confident rider.   Yes, celebrate your achievement in stepping [...]

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